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  • How can I book my tours?

    Select by clicking on the tour that you want to book within the information you will have a button normally called Booking here and a calendar will be displayed remember that this calendar is provicional as soon as you finish your reservation you will be indicated if you do not susede any change
  • I can pay in cash?

    To be able to Obtain the offers you have to make the payment through our Online gateway if you want to pay in cash indicate us and an employee of ours will be made to your hotel or apartment to make your reservation
  • I can buy a reservation to give it away

    If your reservation can be given, remember that if you want to change the day of your tour you have to contact us 48 hours in advance to be able to provide the change whenever we have a place on the new chosen day we will indicate the most dangerous if we do not have your new choice
  • I can take my camera or mobile to the tours

    If you are free to carry your personal belongings you are responsible for your safety normally in some tours it is possible to keep your belongings
  • What documentation do I have to take?

    When you book you will be issued a ticket that will be sent to you and your email only needs to show it without needing to print you can take it on your own mobile