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Jet Ski in Tenerife SOUTH


Jet Ski in Tenerife SOUTH

There are different types of adventures, there are those that satisfy our hearts by the adrenaline rush that they bring with us, there are also those that enrich our senses through their sensory proposal and there are some that we remember forever, as part of a shared memory with someone who means a lot to us. Power Jet Sky, in Tenerife, found the perfect recipe for an adventure that appears in these 3 categories, through its service of Jet Ski Tour .

Jet Ski Tour in Tenerife, an art gallery in the sea

The Jet Ski Tour in Tenerife is not exclusive to this visionary tourism services firm, which is a genius worthy of applauding are the routes they designed for their offers of 40 minutes, 1, 2 and 3 hours. Each of these tours has a striking visual appeal, centered on the view that gives away on one side the imposing Teide and on the other the impressive green of the nature reserves of La Gomera.

Enjoy a Jet Ski Tour from 40 minutes up to 2 hours on the west side of Tenerife will seem a little time once you embark offshore in this peaceful corner of the Atlantic, protected from strong waves by the Canary Islands. But the jewel in the crown is the 3-hour safari, with a route that departs from Puerto Colón, where the Yacht Club is available to liven up your wait if you arrive before the reserved time, up to the admirable Cliffs of Los Gigantes.

The shared adventure

This safari is perfect to travel as a couple, 3 hours of privacy that gives the sea with a privileged view of the different beaches and inlets along the coast, with its modern tourist buildings alternated by the extensive haciendas, all crowned with the Peak of Teide. Between the beach and the beach you can see the valleys, easily identifiable by their green color.

The peaceful and relaxed atmosphere of Playa San Juan, with a constant presence of local bathers and visitors marks us half the way. At this point we are shown the rejoicing for the enjoyment of a well-deserved rest and the traditional abnegation for the sea work of those who live in the most important fishing port on the west side of Tenerife. On this site, we recommend you to pause, take a breath and print on the retinas the 360 ° panorama that gives the south west side of Tenerife and the nearby silhouette of La Gomera.

The Giants

We know that our walk is about to end when we begin to see the Los Gigantes Cliffs. The impressive rock formations, which have protected the archipelago from the eternal thrust of the sea, are launched towards the sky as guardians of the town that has the same name, where the very attentive staff of Power Jet Ski is waiting for us. It should be noted that at the end of our Jet Ski Tour, Los Gigantes, as the town is known, have to offer several of the best restaurants in the Canary Islands, where replenishing energy is an excuse to digest the incredible gallery of colors and silhouettes that the south west coast of Tenerife has given us.

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